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I’ll write about it.

Every time I get my heart broken, I tell myself, “Maybe I should write about it”. Get my feelings laid out on every blank page of my journal. See what I am missing. Tell myself what I need to hear. But then I wake up a few mornings later, having cried, having dealt, having learnt, having felt and I never write about it.

Every time I make a mistake, I tell myself, “I should write about it”. I really should. It’s a great lesson. Knowing me, there’s a strong chance I make this mistake again. Someone should read it back to me. Loud and clear. Maybe then I’ll know that I know better. But then I move on to making new mistakes and I never write about it.

Every time I hit a road block. I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. That might give me some new perspective. Maybe I’ll see something that’s been in plain sight. That’ll help me undo whatever it is that’s stopping me from being who I imagine myself to be. But then I find inspiration in mamma’s food, a new book, a song I’ve been humming wrong the whole time, and I never write about it.

Every time I wake up feeling unlike myself, I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. People change, people learn, people unlearn, I am people. I must be growing up. Or maybe it’s just indigestion from dinner last night. Maybe if I write about it, I’ll know how I actually feel. Maybe writing about it could be a dialogue between who I am and who I want to be. Maybe writing could be whatever magic software application it is that they use to mirror office computers on their laptops while they work from home. But then I meet a new kind of me, I end up liking her more than I had imagined and I never write about it.

Every time I tell myself that I’ll just write about it, I never do. I never write about it. I wonder how things would be if I had written about them. Would I deal with the heartbreak better? Would I make lesser mistakes? Would I evade creative roadblocks altogether? Would I have a hundred percent grip over myself? I don’t know.

But when I know, maybe I’ll write about it.


  1. D

    It is relatability to the highest of levels 🥺
    A lot came from heart after reading this, i want to write, but maybe some things are not meant to be written, but just felt ❤️💫

    1. Snehal

      It’s sooo true , in this really tough phase , I constantly feel I want to write , but sooo much to write , and while writing the reality starts hitting making it difficult to even write and end up not writing anything.

  2. Zeba Sultana

    I think you’re that magic software application who quitely mirrored my thoughts out in the blog. Maybe I’ll write about this feeling someday. 🤍

  3. Sonal

    Love this piece. It’s like my thoughts in print. Always thinking I’ll write and reflect on something but never manage to- sometimes it’s because I fear the words on paper won’t be the same as my thoughts, worried that what are the high speed train of thoughts in my mind may look like the speed of a bullock cart instead, whether I could even find the words to explain the enormity and profoundness of my thoughts..thinking it won’t be good enough, even if only I read it.
    Thanks for being so relatable 🙂

  4. Sanjana

    This is relatable in many levels, I always think that I should write about everything then maybe I will deal with it better but I never do. But knowing that I m not alone made me feel a little less guilty for not writing

  5. Kirti Rateria

    It is amazing how I can relate to this. I started journaling like a year ago, can’t do it everyday ttho Unfortunately. A random thought comes to my mind and I think that ” I will write about this ” and then don’t, more like I forget or otherwise laziness :/
    This is sooo good 😀 ♥️

  6. Disha Shah

    So so so relatable. I used to think I am the only one who doesn’t give enough importance to her own feelings to write it about and let it go. Thank you for being such a relatable celebrity person. ❤❤

  7. Samawia zaman

    Great my love. This relation of you and me is growing stronger. You are such a great inspiration for me. Love from Pakistan❤

  8. Neeharika

    This is beautiful 😍 lots of love ❤️❤️ u inspired. A lot of people not through videos u create but how u grow and evolve into a person u could have never imagined and if u did that imagination u make it accomplished too
    I’m following u since u started ur channel till now and u have inspired me in so many ways how to be positive how to feel it’s okay not to be okay
    I love you 💗 Keep inspiring us
    Love love 💓

  9. Taniya

    This is so relatable. Especially the line, “Knowing me, there’s a strong chance I make this mistake again.” I just want to say, You are not the only one, P !
    It happens with me also.

  10. Chriselle

    Definitely didn’t expect you or the article to be so deep and real. It’s so different from the social media persona you portray. It’s smart, honest and well penned…kudos to you! May your ink never run dry!

  11. Dumdum

    Oh my God, It is so relatable!!! Every line that put out there is like someone having a hidden camera in my brain 😅
    Please write more like this P ❤

  12. Joyce

    I want to write about it but I won’t 😁….but yaaaasss sis it’s amazing how you talked about not writing anything in the whole article but you finally wrote it😅…this article is crazyyyyy man!!!❤️

  13. anshu0507

    It is relatable but it’s not even about the relatability, it’s just something that happens sooo many times but it’s so great. Prajakta didi is very talented and I hope she always shines ✨

  14. Soumili Sarkar

    May be it would be better to write about it because you could have known how desperately we are fine now, how intently we made mistakes, how badly and madly we came out of it. Thank you praju! For these lovely writting! I request…you should write more hearty stuffs!!!!

  15. Khushi shelote

    Hey! This the exact same feeling that i have every morning, the first thing in the morning that i think of is, today after i get home i am gonna make sure to write it down and no excuses this time.. please. But never really wrote about it. Very relatable blog Prajakta di!
    Love love!

  16. Shweta Sharma

    Hey! you wont believe yesterday in the morning I was missing your blogs I was wishing to read your new blog again and saw your insta story in the evening that you had posted new blog. I cant explain how much happy I was after seeing your blog. Should I thanks to universe or you? Btw coming towards this blog, Your blog is relatable and every time it gives us new perspective. Thank you so much

  17. Gayatri Kardula

    I read this blog yesterday and it’s really beautifully written. Prajakta, you really motivated me to start writing a blog and yes I did it yesterday and I have published my first ever blog today. All those who are reading my comment right now Please give it a read and if u like it, just hit the like button ♥️…so that it will keep me motivated to write more!

  18. Pratik

    Thanks for this praju …i love it .. very much relatable ..we can feel you babe .. keep writing such blogs nd give us hope .. k kuch bhi feel karo dil se woh valuable hai .. thanks ..

  19. Sakshie jagtap

    Honestly, i am never into reading books but just because u have written it, i had to read because u r the magical soul with the magical thoughts and i love watching, reading, showing u, and take inspirations from u cause u r the big bundle of everything i like ! This is so diffrent and something one of the best i have read till date ! Thank u for this, u mostlysane 💜 lots of love to u !!! From sakshie jagtap

  20. Kiran dahima

    This is so relatable..! We grow up so fast that we forget to enjoy the movement’s and always try to find ways to be a better version of ourselves and we think to write it down all of it but sometimes it doesn’t work that way!!!…. Gurl keep going we would love to see more n moreeee ❤️

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