Born, & raised in Mumbai, Prajakta Koli is one of those rare types of people who always knew what she wanted, right down to the time when she was nine years old. “The plan was to become a radio jockey and be the voice of the masses.” Besides being inclined to the age-old profession herself, Prajakta was encouraged by her parents and peers to give in to the dream and follow through.

What attracted her most was the freedom radio jockeys seemed to have on air – it was unlike any other profession. Everything that Prajakta did, from her early and awkward years to her international university tours as an anchorwoman were made for one grand finale – a radio jockey post at a prestigious radio station in Mumbai. Little did she know that her job wouldn’t guarantee her the freedom it once promised.

Prajakta worked as a radio intern for one year, but every passing day showed little, if not any signs of making progress. She didn’t feel free, or in control, or the thrill she thought she would when she started working.

After reaching her boiling point, she decided to give YouTube a try.

It has been a little over two years and 253 videos since Prajakta released her first video “5 types of singles on Valentine’s Day”. Her dedication to her videos has earned her a loyal following of over 167,000 subscribers, something she would attribute to her “massy” appeal.

Prajakta has recently kicked off her social initiative #iPledgeToBeMe aimed at addressing body shamming. The initiative started with a simple call to action video on world mental health day, wherein she received thousands of mails from fans about how they have experienced body shamming. To take the initiative further Prajakta created a music video called shameless. Upon release Shameless has crossed over 2 million views across Facebook & Twitter. The music video has also been shared by some of the leading media publications like Times of India & India today among others. Prajakta is in the process of taking the initiative on ground by  visiting schools & colleges and talking about Body Shopping.

Prajakta like to keep it massy, because in India, specifically in Mumbai, with all the modernization and westernization, every Indian is massy on the inside. “Massy” means Desi, by the way.”. Through a combination of “How-to” and “Top 5” videos, holds a mirror to urbanized and metropolitan India, showing us Indians how comical and passionate we really are.