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I’ll write about it.

Every time I get my heart broken, I tell myself, “Maybe I should write about it”. Get my feelings laid out on every blank page of my journal. See what I am missing. Tell myself what I need to hear. But then I wake up a few mornings later, having cried, having dealt, having learnt, having felt and I never write about it.

Every time I make a mistake, I tell myself, “I should write about it”. I really should. It’s a great lesson. Knowing me, there’s a strong chance I make this mistake again. Someone should read it back to me. Loud and clear. Maybe then I’ll know that I know better. But then I move on to making new mistakes and I never write about it.

Every time I hit a road block. I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. That might give me some new perspective. Maybe I’ll see something that’s been in plain sight. That’ll help me undo whatever it is that’s stopping me from being who I imagine myself to be. But then I find inspiration in mamma’s food, a new book, a song I’ve been humming wrong the whole time, and I never write about it.

Every time I wake up feeling unlike myself, I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. People change, people learn, people unlearn, I am people. I must be growing up. Or maybe it’s just indigestion from dinner last night. Maybe if I write about it, I’ll know how I actually feel. Maybe writing about it could be a dialogue between who I am and who I want to be. Maybe writing could be whatever magic software application it is that they use to mirror office computers on their laptops while they work from home. But then I meet a new kind of me, I end up liking her more than I had imagined and I never write about it.

Every time I tell myself that I’ll just write about it, I never do. I never write about it. I wonder how things would be if I had written about them. Would I deal with the heartbreak better? Would I make lesser mistakes? Would I evade creative roadblocks altogether? Would I have a hundred percent grip over myself? I don’t know.

But when I know, maybe I’ll write about it.


  1. Preeti sone

    Actually it’s very true 🤣, even I have so many things to tell which I can’t so i think I should write but oops , i forget n that remains in my head only , but after reading this blog it hit me hard , I use to think being weird is something problem,but actually it’s not , .. I loved this blog and it’s very nice 🙂👍

  2. Yukti Gandhi

    That is absolutely right ! I do write it but most of the time it just slips out of my mind..& the chaos in my head remains there..I think if we can’t share something with someone we should atleast share it to the blank pages by this we’ll be sharing it to ourselves & re-thinking about it…this will make our choices more better….

    1. Rishika

      P I have no words for this to say! But it seriously is amazing, from today I am gonna write about it. And I’m gonna read every blog of yours which I was missing and I love yaaaa♥️

  3. Manasi Lavekar

    Heyy, that’s so true even in my case…. I too think the same that of I would have maintained a journal my senses would have been hundred percent in my grip and I would have been something more than what I am . So after reading ur blog I have also got inspired to write but let’s see if i write or just keep liking what I am But I do hope that I will start writing soon….

    1. Shreeja

      Hi P!🙋
      I’m a teen(13) and been watching you and ur videos since 1½ year, ur doing great, well this blog….is super duper amazing and like all this happens with me also I too think about writing it, but then it just gets off and remains struck in my mind.. right now even I’m going through some things about what I can’t tell anyone..and the thought of writing is nice I once even strated writing about it but..when I reread it, it seemed so boring that I stopped writing but now u’ve inspired me so atleast I’ll write my sorrows there and surely come back here and review how does it helps…
      And yaa.. loved the blog I’ll read all the previous and forever in future

      Lottttsssss of love to u..❤️❤️
      (I’ve never commented or talked to u this way😁)

  4. Farhin.S

    I am wondering how It exactly matches with my thoughts… But the difference is I actually write about things that I feel writing about… Luv ya♥

  5. Divya

    Please keep writing on this blog
    This is really amazing and people like me who are obsessed with the way you reach out to us
    We really love it.
    Love love 🥺♥️

  6. Soumya

    There’s something I wanna share seriously that this is sooooo true !! When I was in school I once started writing this book on Wattpad thinking that who’s gonna read it anyway ?! So let’s write and with that simple thought I wrote and published chapters , my opinions and thoughts on ‘ n ‘ number of things basically …..what I did was i wrote a summary of the week , anything that actually made an impact , I made sure that I’m writing about it on my book and surprisingly that very thing turned out to be my step into writing …. And i kid you not , it’s the most read book on my account till date because it was so raw and simple so i really really support this idea of sharing because we never know what we think is not that important could turn out be a very important thing later 🙂

  7. Anjali

    Hello Praju di. Well, I have been your follower since 2017. Long time!! I have seen you grow, improving your skills and exploring something new every time you get a chance. Well, that’s something I adore about you and try to inculcate in me. Honestly, after reading this, I was quite dumbstruck. I felt as if it’s me. Even I feel like writing countless times I fear judgement, rejection and negative feedback. After seeking inspiration from you, I will try my best to create a blog and write my feelings out. Let’s see what happens.
    Well, many many congratulations to you!!! Looking forward to que more from you.
    Love, love❤️❤️

  8. thedataresource

    I find that when I do write about it, it gives me no additional insight. HOWEVER, after I’ve cried about it, healed from it, learned from it, reading back on it does put things into perspective and it is then when I can gain the understanding from the pain. Great blog! Thank you!

  9. Pooja

    You have written all the thing without writing it
    The way you have expressed your feelings is just awesome and heart touching
    Love love

  10. Dolly

    Your wrinting our inspiration..thankyou for inspiring and giving a positive perspective for everything..
    May b now i will also start writing and be my own best friend😊..thankyou🙏😊

  11. Tripti Rewani

    Omg..!! Are you crazy..!!!! How can you be so relatable, just when I was facing some issue you automatically talk about something similar to it and you make me feel that I am not alone.. you are amazing..! I procastinated reading this blog but now when I finally did, I am feeling sorry for not reading it earlier..loved it..!! Good job P!

  12. Bhavana

    Literally true . Even I love writing . Everytime I thought of it and nxt morning when I wakeup I fail to do. Prajaktha mam I need a help I also love to write can u teach me how to start blogging pls mam 🙂

  13. muktashrivastava

    Hey there!!! you have written very relatable stuff. Most of the times I also think about writing it down. You know, even mundane stuff like cleaning a rack in a wardrobe the next day, or even some groceries that I need to order. But I never get around to doing it. So is there something that will help me actually write it down?

  14. Akarshi agarwal

    Okay, so doing everything you wanted to is a great thing , you feel happiness constantly that’s why we never get to know the reason when we are sad , that’s why i wrote my journals , to know me more , to make myself more clear about myself , to make myself more better!!
    Hope you’ll write more bcz it’s gud for u

  15. Shreya

    After reading this astounding content
    I suddenly think I should also write about it
    Because your content fill me with so much inspiration to make myself better each and every single day
    Thanks so much sis 💖👍

  16. P Dabholkar

    This happens with me as well and I can totally relate to this. But today is the day I’m gonna write about it, I guess so😅

  17. jarvis3001

    Hey Prajakta, I’m Ayush and I’m here to spam you about a request that I have, my best friend’s birthday is coming on 26th of May so if you could just wish her on her birthday it would really mean a lot to her. She is a huge fan of yours and admires you a lot I’m mean like next level admiration. So if you could wish her it would make her the happiest person ever and it would really mean a lot to me. I’m trying to contact you from last year. Please just for once see my messages and reply. I know it’s wrong of me to ask you like this but there is no way to contact you. Can you please help me making her birthday special by just wishing her?Hoping for a positive reply.

  18. Priti

    Wow, it felt as if I was reading a actual any sort of book. P you act great but it’s important for you to know that you write really more great, not appreciating coz I like u Or something but it’s actually impressive.. Keep writing I’ll be reading more of it.. And ya there’s a suggestion out here : I see you soo capable to write a actual book. Maybe try someday. I’ll definitely buy and read that.. Ur wellwisher/liker/fan/etc
    Love love ❤

  19. vandanaav

    Dear Prajakta… I write this to you as a LONG time admirer….
    You know how some people can be magic sometimes- you are that for me!
    My world starts smiling every time I see your content on Youtube- it is so wholesome and brings joy to people you advocate self- love and I can not emphasise how much you mean to me
    You make me so happy
    I really do not know where to start, but I am really going to try
    Back in 2015, when I was 15 years old and didn’t actually own a phone, I was surfing YouTube on my old computer  when I came across your channel. I remember watching the video in which you vlogged your solo trip to Malaysia, and I also recall binge-watching all of the other videos on your channel that same day.
    There was something so gripping about your videos that had me watch everything you had posted on your channel, and I can’t even begin to express how elated I was that day.
    You made me so happy Prajakta, not only that day- but everyday since then. You are my happy syndrome.
    You taught me how to love myself.
    You put me on a self-love journey. As a young teen, I used to struggle with diffidence and that put me at an all time low self-esteem, which brought down my confidence as well. However, your Vlogs, YOUR BLOGS, and every: real talk Tuesday video has made me understand and realise the intrinsic process of being in love with one-self.
    You taught me so many things – in terms of self care, self-care for the mind and so much more.
    You have always been my virtual guiding force. Even today if I feel let down in life, I open YouTube just to watch one of your Real Talk Tuesday videos where you talk about how to instantly can make yourself feel better or any one of your Thursday videos.
    Your smiling face instantly puts me in a better mood, and I am able to think with a clear mind to tackle the pertinent issue at hand.
    I am writing to you to thank you, and express my genuine gratitude to you. I cannot thank you enough for making me who I am today- someone who is confident, who can initiate conversations, someone who looks in the mirror and thinks that she is ENOUGH, from a girl who used to be so shy and diffident, and as someone who could barely string sentences together coherently due to lack of confidence, i thank you truly for because you have been my virtual therapist throughout!
    I can’t describe how thankful I am to you for helping me on this journey of self-love, self-discovery, and self-confidence. Because of you and your lovely vlogs, I was able to get through the pandemic. I actually look up to you and adore you. I constantly look forward to your Real Talk Tuesday videos and more of your blogs. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. Yet again, thank you; the more times I say it, the less it feels like…I have been particularly stressed out this month of 2022 because of everything that is happening in my life lately, and also because of the weather in Delhi, which can cause “seasonal” blues and gloom. But today, I decided to do myself a favour and opened your blog page. The first post I saw was this article. I couldn’t have gotten a clearer sign to start writing. I had completely stopped journaling in the previous month, and I can’t even think of a good reason—maybe just sheer laziness. But thank you, I really want to start writing more and more, as much as I can, and this entire blog has made me realise how important it is to start writing again. Oh, the joy I always have when I pour my heart out in my journals—it is unmatched—makes me want to write again. But now i shall go and start writing again, only to fall in love with writing more…I wish you and your loved ones a very happy 2023! May your new year be filled with love and joy – and may life bring happiness to you as you always do in our lives I love you so much Prajakta!✨

  20. manasi sonar

    omg reading that just made me go like omg thats so me !! i do the same i tell you like everytime something happens to me i be like i wanna write that all down but ugh i rarely do but when i do , i do really feel at ease !!!

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