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she said yes.

i took her out on a date.

i’ve always held pride in knowing exactly what she likes. but then she wakes up one morning feeling the opposite and i am thrown off my game.

i knew she likes spending time at the mall. but ugh the holiday rush is such a turn off. i knew she likes sappy holiday movies that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. especially this time of the year. but every time netflix suggested one, she picked Friends. her pinterest is flooded with home decor pins. so i knew she loves that. but she changed her phone a year ago and hasn’t logged into her account ever since. she loves books. so maybe i could ask her out to an afternoon of books and chai in her balcony? but she hasn’t gotten past the first three pages of the last Murakami book she picked. shopping, she loves! but the last thing she bought was korean instant ramen off the marketplace on amazon. she likes puppies. but she lost the two she had recently adopted to food poisoning, so must steer clear of that. she loves facetiming with people she loves, but work’s been crazy and she has barely found time to clock eight hours of sleep in the last few months. journals! yes. but her last entry was on the 12th of october. and it’s december now.

i haven’t met her in a while. she looks just the same but so much has changed. it’s like watching your favourite movie but someone changed the subtitles language. i watch her, but i don’t see her. i hear her, but i can’t listen. i touch her, but i cannot feel.

then the sun rose today. she woke up a whole minute before she intended to. with nowhere to be and nothing to do. she made her bed and her chai. she finished her seventh book this month. she showered and went to the mall. she bought presents for people she loves. she bought photo frames and potted plants. she bought a rug. traffic was crazy as usual, so she spent her car time facetiming not one but two friends. she bought herself a new pair of pajamas. she came home with takeout chinese boxes and watched a sappy christmas movie. she cleaned her room for the first time in well over three weeks. and then she sat down to write.

a wholesome day.

some would even call it a date.

so yeah,

i took her out on a date.


P.S. – she hates it when i romanticise a regular day in a blogpost. she also hates whole articles written in lower caps. but that’s a discussion for another day.


  1. Prarthana

    Such a cozy blog! Refreshing to read and definitely brought a smile on my face too to feel this wholesome experience 🙂 Ps. Always remembering you as a happy person! <3

  2. Riddhi pashte

    Its so wholesome p !!❤️🤌🏻 when i was reading the blog i was thinking we can love ourself giving us a surprises and make us happy !

  3. Radhika

    Enjoyed reading your blog today. The narrative style is so simple and modest that it actually warms your heart and takes you to a happy place.
    Looking forward to more articles.
    Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!!❤️

  4. vandana v

    Thank you for this, you queen!! thank you so so much! I adore your writing, and I’m so grateful to you- thank you for blessing my day with this wonderful article! Please write more; this is really inspiring. reading your blogs are always so comforting to read- for the mind and soul- like a warm hug that you are craving, but never realise…Thank you, and love you !

  5. Riya Bhilare

    I was so happy to get to know that its ok to get sometimes a bit disoriented and it is also ok to always start again freshly …how beautifully wriiten that made it so easy to accept that we could have a day for uss too……so Much inspiring P!

  6. Meghana E

    Hey prajuu…Loved This Article brooo…. I am college student and I can totally relate bcz , sometimes I mean almost all of the time I prefer spending time with me but due to college, I got a little far from myself. . but , after reading this , it’s been a day since I am completely prioritising myself over anything….
    Thank you 💞 ms.koliiiii (I like Koli word)

    I was just about to ask that , can I please publish the story somehow like this but, in my context , my language and our language ‘s book… i.e, kannada…as I am a self-motivated writer too…
    Can I use it praju… please…

    Please…..mana mat karna…
    Aap hi se meri Hindi aur English dono sudhre hai. Please
    Love love 💞

  7. Jaishree Joshita

    Hi Prajakta, Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays. I enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to know something different, about the black kurti you wore in a instagram post three days ago. I wanted to buy the same. Could you please help me with the shop name and address?. Thanks.

  8. ayush1884

    So, I was thinking to CALL u by a shortform but it comes PK so REHNE DTE H. Hmmmmm about this BLOG, I want to tell you one thing HMKO LGTA THA hmhi duniyaa me ase hai BUT NO! jse jse Duniya explore hrhi h I am FINDING people jo khi na khi mere jse hai. ENJOYING company of your OWN is one of the best FEELINGS.

  9. Diya Nanda

    Wow this is was just so relatable for some reason.. just that I still gotta take her on a date but I think after reading this, it’ll happen soon.
    Beautifully written !

  10. Uswah

    Such a different style of writing…it made me feel so good u don’t know….the last line about writing the whole piece in lower case….I didn’t even noticed that…but yeah it really made me a sense. Good job P 🙂

    1. Sumit

      Hii prajakta di i saw this blog and it was beautiful i am high school student and also i am web developer i think i could improve and you blog more popular as this is my hobby am not going to charge you anything please mail me if you see and please react to it i will be waiting for your response 🥰

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