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she said yes.

i took her out on a date.

i’ve always held pride in knowing exactly what she likes. but then she wakes up one morning feeling the opposite and i am thrown off my game.

i knew she likes spending time at the mall. but ugh the holiday rush is such a turn off. i knew she likes sappy holiday movies that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. especially this time of the year. but every time netflix suggested one, she picked Friends. her pinterest is flooded with home decor pins. so i knew she loves that. but she changed her phone a year ago and hasn’t logged into her account ever since. she loves books. so maybe i could ask her out to an afternoon of books and chai in her balcony? but she hasn’t gotten past the first three pages of the last Murakami book she picked. shopping, she loves! but the last thing she bought was korean instant ramen off the marketplace on amazon. she likes puppies. but she lost the two she had recently adopted to food poisoning, so must steer clear of that. she loves facetiming with people she loves, but work’s been crazy and she has barely found time to clock eight hours of sleep in the last few months. journals! yes. but her last entry was on the 12th of october. and it’s december now.

i haven’t met her in a while. she looks just the same but so much has changed. it’s like watching your favourite movie but someone changed the subtitles language. i watch her, but i don’t see her. i hear her, but i can’t listen. i touch her, but i cannot feel.

then the sun rose today. she woke up a whole minute before she intended to. with nowhere to be and nothing to do. she made her bed and her chai. she finished her seventh book this month. she showered and went to the mall. she bought presents for people she loves. she bought photo frames and potted plants. she bought a rug. traffic was crazy as usual, so she spent her car time facetiming not one but two friends. she bought herself a new pair of pajamas. she came home with takeout chinese boxes and watched a sappy christmas movie. she cleaned her room for the first time in well over three weeks. and then she sat down to write.

a wholesome day.

some would even call it a date.

so yeah,

i took her out on a date.


P.S. – she hates it when i romanticise a regular day in a blogpost. she also hates whole articles written in lower caps. but that’s a discussion for another day.


    1. pnkt1234

      I can feel that this is your story you yourself was narrating it.
      Beautifully written and I also don’t like if whole blog written in lower caps coz my teacher taught me this maar maar k!!

      1. Thima

        honestly, i thought that she took someone else for a date but this is even better. So thoughtful and beautiful. Self love am i right!

  1. Vaishnavi Sharma

    I feel like you are writing my story …soooo relatable I have been like this since months so i think i also need to go out on a date

  2. Priya Bhujel

    After reading your blog post it seems like you are expressing the whole thing sitting next to me, I love the way you express prajakta. I just love you prajakta 🥰❣️

  3. Shriya

    I like your different type of blogs which shares different perspective about many things , I like to see different prajakta as well who is not so much excited about the day which is so much (as u love your work )

  4. Ashmitha Enous

    Maybe this girl in your blog has mood swings in every ten seconds….Men who understand it take the situation smoothly are real achievers

  5. Akrishti Malviya

    Oh god.. I did the same thing.. Today I was overthinking and instead of diverting my mind with mobile or Netflix I chose to write it in my journal and move on without taking temporary help.. I feel good not thinking that I overthinked .. Good day ..

  6. Gargi

    This feels as if it was written in one sitting, straight from heart , one of those rare
    moments when words just slip through mind and everything completed puzzle perfectly. Loved it

  7. Kruthika Bhat R


    I just loved this blog! She is meeeee. This year was a bit harsh on me and couldn’t take me out for a date or sit and have a Chai/coffee self-talk sessions too. I barely journaled.

    I finally took some time off and sat to journal the things which was bothering me from a long time and realized many things which I have faced this year. I am grateful for this year though it was clearly not my year as such. I am grateful for the people of my life! And this is the first time I’m posting a heartfelt comment on a social media. Looking forward for more blogs in year 2023. Hoping to meet you and give a tight hug after reading this blog. Will definitely meet you next year.

    Love from Bengaluru
    Kruthika Bhat

  8. Dibyashree

    just this morning, as I woke up! i thought of the love i feel from you, even though you don’t really know i exist somewhere here in assam, went running to iit guwahati, when i got to know you were visiting, asked you one question regarding your UN visit, i still play it in my head that moment. you’re a gem of a person, and a constant since i watched your video for the first time like five years ago. this blog as i read it, i had a infectious smile on my face
    (ps: the number of time i have hit backspace because i just like you cannot tolerate bad punctuation)
    love love, P!

  9. Tahreem

    Loved how beautifully you portrayed our feelings into words! Tbh, I missed her too 😭. Changes are good, but sometimes with that our comfort character maybe gets lost in the pages.

  10. Manasa

    Self love depicted in the most simplest way✨ prajakta is so multitalented, genuinely such an inspiration for me✨ would love to read, watch and see everything you do🥺

  11. Samanvitha

    I don’t have anyone for facetime. I don’t like to have facetime with anyone except that one person😔 my sad life got paused for a while over your blog, which made my day. I love this deviation😪

  12. Olivia Haldar

    Hey Praju di..ur blogs are really heart warming and relaxing. Most importantly they have the capacity to keep a reader hooked till the end

  13. Prathama Mukherjee

    You have written it so beautifully…. there’s not much to read but still it feels lyk moments have been collected properly over a month’s time in order to sum this up…it feels that complete n poised. Felt a different kind of solace reading it…( Also , I too write reading pieces written by such inspiring ppl brings us even closer n it feels so wholesome…as if we have got to know a huge part of ur lyf… loved, loved loved it… Keep spreading smiles Just as u have been…❤️💜

  14. ManjariRastogi

    This is the first time i have ever read your blog.. felt like i am reading my own journal from yesterday!
    Love the way you simple put things in writing, videos, content, and everything you do!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Sandhya Mandela

    It is so beautiful!!! ❤️ One important thing I learned about myself today is that how much it bothers me to see a word starting with a small case letter after a full stop. 🙈

  16. Sunanda Nag

    So there is a point where she always feel she is not upto the mark but trust me she is doing so much that it fails the level of up to the mark. Its way higher. Love the content and the way is so unique. Literally no one describes journals like this now. Gonna try this in new year journal routine which like her also happens once in a month or two. Gonna wait for the next one. And merrt christmas and happy new year in advance.

  17. Pawan yadav

    Who is I and who is she?
    Are they really real?
    If one of them is you?
    It’s interesting due to turn around as What initially looked like a sad breakup ended up surprisingly in a happy patch up ending.

  18. Chandna Doshi

    she finally described her 2022 in a blog, and her fans loved it. she finally said about her likes and dislikes, and made us learnt to accept the goods and flaws of self. so yeah, she went on a date with herself.
    You have described it very beautifully ❤️
    Loved it ❤️

  19. Preetha

    Why does it feel so relatable? Like i could relate to every word you penned down… May be this is what makes you a favorite to all, we find a bit of ourselves in you

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