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I’ll write about it.

Every time I get my heart broken, I tell myself, “Maybe I should write about it”. Get my feelings laid out on every blank page of my journal. See what I am missing. Tell myself what I need to hear. But then I wake up a few mornings later, having cried, having dealt, having learnt, having felt and I never write about it.

Every time I make a mistake, I tell myself, “I should write about it”. I really should. It’s a great lesson. Knowing me, there’s a strong chance I make this mistake again. Someone should read it back to me. Loud and clear. Maybe then I’ll know that I know better. But then I move on to making new mistakes and I never write about it.

Every time I hit a road block. I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. That might give me some new perspective. Maybe I’ll see something that’s been in plain sight. That’ll help me undo whatever it is that’s stopping me from being who I imagine myself to be. But then I find inspiration in mamma’s food, a new book, a song I’ve been humming wrong the whole time, and I never write about it.

Every time I wake up feeling unlike myself, I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. People change, people learn, people unlearn, I am people. I must be growing up. Or maybe it’s just indigestion from dinner last night. Maybe if I write about it, I’ll know how I actually feel. Maybe writing about it could be a dialogue between who I am and who I want to be. Maybe writing could be whatever magic software application it is that they use to mirror office computers on their laptops while they work from home. But then I meet a new kind of me, I end up liking her more than I had imagined and I never write about it.

Every time I tell myself that I’ll just write about it, I never do. I never write about it. I wonder how things would be if I had written about them. Would I deal with the heartbreak better? Would I make lesser mistakes? Would I evade creative roadblocks altogether? Would I have a hundred percent grip over myself? I don’t know.

But when I know, maybe I’ll write about it.


    1. Deepanshu Rawat

      Its completely relatable as well as I am so relieved I am not the only one thinking like this. Keep up the great work!!

    2. Rashna Gandhi

      I loved your writing. You haven’t written about it but by narrating it feels you have written about it somewhere in your mind haha. Keep up the good work. Love love you praju


      Reading it felt like someone was taliking to me in person. It felt as if PRAJAKTA KHOLI was sharing her feelings with me. It is the first time that I have read a vlog. And it was a really nice experience. Keep going PRAJU DI.

  1. Rahi

    hey i relate with it so much and now i feel i am lucky that i felt the same wat prajakta felt i am lil bit like her…..lucky haaa you are an inspiration to me and i would love to see more of these blogs now lil honest review i loved it and got the thought behind it but in one read it got lil confusing here and there with the sentences that’s it and its totally my opinion. love you

  2. Aneri

    I have started writing about it. And good god it has helped in ways beyond explanation.

    One teeny hack that helped me: do not wait to write at a specific time only or in a specific book / with a specific pen. Write whenever you feel like, that’s when you will be able to write it all. Heck, type it on your phone’s notes. But write it at the first instinct. Good luck 🙂

  3. Aakanksha

    It just the same … always feel like I will write about whatever ever happen to me but I never do and that teach me too….one can easily relate 🖤
    Love love di

  4. Jaanya Arora

    Hey P, just want say that it is amazing!! There is nothing in this world that you can’t do… I mean you are so talented and you are the best!!! You should put more blogs for us to read…. We love reading them….. Actually I have a question that what type of magic you use because I’m obsessed with you and your channel and now I’m loving your blogs tooo…… great work…. Thanks for your effort that you are putting everyday just to entertain us……. Love love❤️❤️

  5. Shreya

    Hey P ! It was really good though I feel you could write more apt. with a more humour.
    Mannn… ! It was to relatable. I have so many things pilled up in my head every time I think I’ll write it before sleeping but then all the obstacles from the world come and that is it the day is over .

  6. Man Kun

    hello Prajakta )
    Dayyymm you’ve nailed it , huh? You are an inspiration to many – multitalented!All the best for your blog journey! also Do stop by my blog and lemme know your views: )

  7. Ritu

    It’s amazing I would love to read your blogs….Tbh I always wanted to read blogs but I didn’t know whose to read i was not confident in anyone but I think you might be the person whose blog will always feel right,you are the right person…. Love ya✨

  8. Sharanya

    Ahhhh man!!!! As soon as I finished reading this I immediately…like legit immediately looked for the comment box. I just couldn’t stop myself from telling you how beautiful this piece of writing is. It went straight through my heart. Loved it. Please PLEASE please keep writing.

    A girl who admires you with all her heart ❤️

  9. Namrata Akal

    And yes alas….u wrote about it. I don’t know wat kinda feeling I jus went thru….but it’s kinda good. I jus loved it prajakta ! U r amazing Ok. Kudos ❤️ keep going. Love love.😍

  10. Manya Gupta

    I really want to read your blogs more!! So, I really want you to write about everything you deal with, whatever you feel like and whatever you like to do, etc. so pls publish more of your articles because I really like your piece of writing.. although you don’t have a style of anything but honestly, it doesn’t matter to me because I just want to know about it..hope you’ll publish more often
    Love love ❤️

  11. Mamta Chavhan

    Hey P!!!!
    More than blog it appeared like poem to me….
    More than blog it was quite an inspiration for myself to write journal….
    More than blog it was something which bought us closer and connected us more to you….
    So it was not just a blog for many 🙂
    So , thank you P for writing it down cuz it takes guts to write a piece like this
    Love love

  12. fatema

    you should totally right P !
    overall u are an inspiration to me and i adore you so much, by seeing you write and express your feelings is a total opportunity for me to learn so much. hope u get all the success u dream of <3

  13. Nini

    It’s totally relatable .I also sometime thinks that I will write about something but I won’t. you have written it very beautifully.write more ,your dumdums will love to read your blogs.😊😇

  14. Anuja

    This is You! Alwayssssss made me feel you are just like us. That’s why I relate to you everytime! I too had this idea a while ago … Everytime something happens and I thought if write about it just that point…. I’ll be like I don’t want to remember it totally and considering my sharp memory I won’t forget it that easily so never mind!

  15. nitusreejit

    I am not the person who is font of reading!… but guess what!!!…. I just finish reading your blog…. and OMGGGG I was not knowing ki how much I love reading blogs.!!!!!… wait let me just change the line.. “OMGGGGGG I wasn’t knowing ki how much I love readinggggg mostlysanessss blog”….!!!!!!…. last but not least… “love love” 💓💓


    am sorry o say but when u finally decided to write then it is important to write with a flow of ideas not by just jumping on one or the other thing. write in a flow of proportionate processing of ideas that will be more interesting to read.

  17. Jaya Sharma

    “People change, people learn, people unlearn, I am people. I must be growing up. ” OMG this just take me… can totally completely fully relate… need more😘

  18. Khushi Kachhap

    It’s so relatable nd I feel the same . I’m a journal writer , if you start writing your mistake it’ll not make you correct in future but surely I’ll make you understand things more clearly. But Life is a journey don’t restrict it for making no mistakes. Just live your mistake with no regression.

  19. Komal Shastri

    “good job p” haha, it’s really good, simple, concise and relatable. and yeah, suggestion – reading about mundane things is what readers love, so keep writing about those little things. maybe philosophy of life, or about an incident you come across and obviously, something that you love. we would love to read everything. *publish some of those articles from that folder someday, lol. sending love. xoxo

  20. Revati Rege

    I absolutely relate with this and this is a pretty good post!! And yes if you more frequently…i will read for sure…loved this post and love you!!❤️❤️

  21. Saee

    Aah!!Was planning to read this from so long and came across now. This resonates on another level.. the things which i don’t realise, you write then and it makes me go awe. Thanks so much P! Maybe this time, I’ll also write about it..

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