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I’ll write about it.

Every time I get my heart broken, I tell myself, “Maybe I should write about it”. Get my feelings laid out on every blank page of my journal. See what I am missing. Tell myself what I need to hear. But then I wake up a few mornings later, having cried, having dealt, having learnt, having felt and I never write about it.

Every time I make a mistake, I tell myself, “I should write about it”. I really should. It’s a great lesson. Knowing me, there’s a strong chance I make this mistake again. Someone should read it back to me. Loud and clear. Maybe then I’ll know that I know better. But then I move on to making new mistakes and I never write about it.

Every time I hit a road block. I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. That might give me some new perspective. Maybe I’ll see something that’s been in plain sight. That’ll help me undo whatever it is that’s stopping me from being who I imagine myself to be. But then I find inspiration in mamma’s food, a new book, a song I’ve been humming wrong the whole time, and I never write about it.

Every time I wake up feeling unlike myself, I tell myself, “I’ll just write about it”. People change, people learn, people unlearn, I am people. I must be growing up. Or maybe it’s just indigestion from dinner last night. Maybe if I write about it, I’ll know how I actually feel. Maybe writing about it could be a dialogue between who I am and who I want to be. Maybe writing could be whatever magic software application it is that they use to mirror office computers on their laptops while they work from home. But then I meet a new kind of me, I end up liking her more than I had imagined and I never write about it.

Every time I tell myself that I’ll just write about it, I never do. I never write about it. I wonder how things would be if I had written about them. Would I deal with the heartbreak better? Would I make lesser mistakes? Would I evade creative roadblocks altogether? Would I have a hundred percent grip over myself? I don’t know.

But when I know, maybe I’ll write about it.


      1. Sayali

        Its great that u wrote about it.. Coz I think some of us have definitely been on the same loops for years.. 😁👍🏻

  1. Srija Maddula

    Everytime I read or watch your content..its just like giving hope..motivate myself to be a better person..and this time your work made me think about my mistakes and maybe I will just write about them and then tye very next time I wanna do it again I’ll just stop and read it loud..I think this will help many of many of the confused people like me..Thank you P🫂

  2. Sujit More

    Hey P😍, you are just amezing… This blog’s is relatable to everyone even me also… Love you lots ❤️ you are my happiness, dreamgirl, my inspiration and lot’s more…. Keep shining P💗😍

  3. thelotusheartedgirl

    your writing’s always felt very original, very hearty and this one was no different. yet it was. i’d say i loved the new touch in stylisation. unconventional but not intimidating. very understandable, precise and clear (both in grammar and meaning) hence welcoming. like all your fans, if you ever plan to pen down a book, im going to decide to read it because of its literary capacity alone! great going ma’am!!

  4. Shilpa Shetye

    Reading this blog felt so relatable, so many times the person or that incident becomes irrelevant after a few days or months that it feels unnecessary to even talk or think about it.

  5. Aakansha Koli

    It feels empty inside…but it’s heavy
    .. Maybe it’ll heal if I write it down…
    It was a great article I think it’ll not take you far from what you love doing…keep writing such meaningful article.


    मुखरा सुन्दर है। ढांचा भी बेहतरीन है। प्रदर्शित करने का तरीका और भी अच्छा हो सकता है। बात जो कहना चाहती हैं, वो समझ गया और यही तो मायने रखता है। 😊

  7. Ankita Ghosh

    Very much relatable … whenever I think about writing about the things I have done and the things I have said wrong ,I just get distracted in doing something which may be another mistake or may not….

  8. Siddhi Ambarle

    That sounds so relatable because obviously you are one of us who just brings the things out of our mind and state it in your way. That really motivated us to know ourselves even more better. Thank you P for this. I’ll definitely write about it for sure… love love…

  9. Mahesh

    Just great the inspiration from mama’s food is the best and relatable to me also…… please write when ever you get your time we just love to listen watch hear and now Read you…..and i know you will write about it😊

  10. Swarangi Patankar

    And you finally did ‘write about it’!
    So glad that you did. It just feels great to know that even you have similar things to deal with on a regular basis that you never really write about, found this relatable on a totally different level. Sure will make the effort to ‘write about it’ like you someday✌ Love love❤❤

  11. Somi

    Loved it 💜💜
    That happened me every time…
    I just really glad you wrote about it!
    Write more and we will definitely read it 📖
    Love you praju Di ……

  12. Riya Malusare

    Di, I too feel to write down things that I feel because definitely writing is a therapy that just lightens ur mind, the burden that u have & as u said it just helps us to remember our mistakes and make sure that we don’t do it again coz we are sure about ourselves that we would do it again, I really do feel to write it down but end up not writing anything and I don’t think this a phase it just that u don’t get the space that atmosphere that u need this is just what happens to me and I really want to do something about it btw Thanks for this because the feeling that u are not the only one going through this has just made me feel a little good about myself
    Thank You
    Yours Truly,

  13. Vedantika Sakhare

    After reading the first para itself I said that maybe I should right about it…. Not knowing whether i’ll write it or not but definitely know that this article simply felt relatable and worth reading. I never read articles n istg but I read this one coz i saw those reviews on ur stories which made me take a minute and read it. Its just simply awesome. Loads of love and wishes to you❤️.

  14. Vaishnavi

    I didn’t know how much I needed to read this until now. I have been telling myself the same thing for a year and God this affirmation in your words was needed.
    Thank you, Prajakta. 💓

  15. Sweta Kotak

    Yes..maybe we always think that we will write about our experiences..but at the end what matters is what we have learnt from them💙..
    Love love❤️
    Thank you P..needed to hear this

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