I thought so.

I read somewhere that the human brain has an average of 50,000 thoughts in a day. Here’s a thought, what if we could get a list of these thoughts in the mail the next day?


Candidate: Prajakta Koli.

Day: 9496.

Brain activity percentage: 6%

Brain-fart moments: 23


I don’t believe that just happened! I am never going to forgive Shakira for leaving me in the hot air balloon again.

Dream. Oh.

Did I set my alarm for this early? I am pretty sure that was a mistake.

I can skip showering for a day right?

How late is late late?

Brushing is so weird. It’s like brushing your teeth. Wait. What.

Did I turn the fan in my room off? Must turn it off before mamma wakes up and turns it off. I wake up before my mother. How adult am I.


What song is this.

I don’t even know why I buy clothes when I know I am going to wear the same blue jeans and black tee everyday.

Chai must be boiling.

Its hot today.

Where is the strainer?

Don’t forget to call that cousin you don’t like. It’s her birthday..

I could shave or I could simply not. You know what they say about body hair. Its grows back. Genius.

That could be a Shakespearean quote.

Or not.

Blow-dry or flat iron?

Wasn’t a movie going to release today? What page was I on? Where is my bookmark. I am pretty sure I used a bookmark. Page 234. Damn it. That was from yesterday.

I’ll wear the yellow tee today.

I should have said – “no. because then that would make me like you” haha! BURN! Should’ve had this thought yesterday.

Hair fall is a real thing. Must be the monsoons. Hair is sticking out of unimaginable places. Its January.

Ouu. Tingles. Haha.

Forgot to turn the charger on again last night. Good job,P.

Aaargh! My toe!!! Everyday!

Can’t find the second earring. Maybe I won’t wear earrings at all.

Mohabbat karle karle re. Mohabbat karle re.

Shit forgot my keys. Old age is approaching.

Shut up.

Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re. Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re.

Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re. Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re.

If I find my green hairtie in the back seat of my car, I wont get traffic today.

Damn it.

If the watchman is awake when I drive out, I won’t get traffic today.

Haha. Bingo! Positive thoughts.

Don’t forget to call that cousin you don’t like. Its her birthday. Please!

I’ve been stuck here forever. Are the wheels even making one full rotation on the road?

Oh, happy ‘worst-songs-on-radio’ day, everybody!

How do I constantly have a back ache? Is ache spelled a..c..h..e.. or a..c..e..

That’s ace.

How can I forget the spelling of a word so simple.

Ache. Ache.

Now I’ve said it so many times, it doesn’t make sense as a word anymore.

Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re. Mohabbat…

Why would you say “It’s raining cats and dogs?” I wonder HOW someone came up with the idea to make THAT a phrase. People have seen some weird times.

My lips are chapped.

Ouu. Looks like the caffeine from my tea is just hitting. Should have worn the maroon tee.

Sweat is basically your armpits crying tears of suffocation and heat.

Forgot to wear my watch again.

Call cousin! Don’t forget! Birthday!

I hope something surprising happens today. Like I get money. Or a gift. Or something free.

Did I forget to get the lunch Maa packed for me! Shit!

Oh no wait I am holding it right now.

Its so weird to type on the keyboard when you take the protective cover off. Haha smooth.

What is this itch on my wrist? Did something bite me again? Or is it an internal infection.

Must google.. ‘Reasons to amputate hand’.

Where the heck did I keep my lip balm?

How can I lose my glasses everyday. Everyday.

Oh wait. I am wearing them.

Is it true that the pyramids were actually built by aliens?

Mohabbat karle karle re. mohabbat karle re.


Don’t forget to call that cousin you don’t like..

Maybe after lunch.

I hope I locked the door. I have already started peeing. Nobody come in the loo. Please nobody come in. Shit shit shit.

It was locked. Phew.

This back ache is annoying. Back a..c…h…e..

Maybe I’ll finish work before time today and then go home and read my book.

Or should I meet my friends instead. Maybe I’ll just read.

Should I talk to someone about this itch? I think it has spread to my fingers. And my toes.

Even the back of my head is itching. What the hell!

I should’ve said – “At least I am not a high beam driver like you!!” nahh.

Wish Cousin you don’t like! Prajakta. Call. Call. Call.

Maybe I’ll have chai first.

Did I wash my hair yesterday? Or the day before?

As long as it doesn’t stink, I guess.

What’s that smell??

Day has been pretty productive. Must make a video on how to have productive days at work.

How… to… have.. productive…gays….at…work. ugh. Days.

Am I chewing too loudly?

Have to call the cousin I don’t like as soon as I am done eating.

How has everyone left already? Its boiling outside. Hate Mumbai winters. Wait. What.

Traffic is going to be crazy.

Cray cray.


I need a massage!

Staring at my phone in the car makes me dizzy.

Haha. Puppy videos.

I’ve spent more than an hour on Instagram today? its not like that’s bad, right?

That’s bad. I am going to reduce my screen time.

More books. Less screen.

Must share this meme with the girls.

You didn’t call that cousin you don’t like!!! Do it in the car right now!

Staring at my phone in the car makes me dizzy.

How many days are there in this month? This knuckle technique is flawless, haan.

I feel like I am born to spend my life stuck in traffic jams.

Where’s my charger?

Shit I left my lunchbox on my desk.

Don’t feel like dinner. Maybe a glass of milk. And chocolates. My pyjamas don’t match.

I am balding. Effectively.

Ahhhh. My back! Heeeeehhhghh.

Does everyone make weird stretching noises?

Alarm is set. Day was happy. Life is great. Good night world.











I forgot to call that cousin I don’t like.


P.S – I know I said that an average person has about 50,000 thoughts in a day and these are just 99. That’s because the remaining 49,901 are too dirty for you innocent innocent children.










  1. Annie

    OMG, Prajakta, these are sooooo funny! Even I can’t forget a song once it gets stuck in my head. So relatable. Please post new blogs again. I love your youtube videos. They’re just the best. Hope you reply!

    love, love, ;p
    your biggest fan

    1. Sakshi P

      Good job,P….!!Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with us It is so appreciate!!! You always have good humor in your posts/blogs. So much fun and easy to read! Keep it up di…..

  2. Tanishka

    Reading your blogs while sitting in a offfice chair and sipping a coffee..
    Aaj toh saare blogs padhungi ! love ya

  3. kshama

    ya i feel the same. some time i said shuttttuppp as many times as i can and doing the same shit ..ya it sounds funny but actually it is exhausting..

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