I am an adult. Almost.

A Europe trip has been on the books since I can remember. Baba always kept going on and on about Switzerland. Mamma about Paris. And me about working hard to be able to take them on this trip.

But if you think this article is about my achievements as the daughter that everyone wants, you are sadly mistaken.

On our last day of vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we woke up slightly later than most days. We had had very fulfilling days of staring at the beauty of Europe and on the last day we decided to have a lil celebration of our own.

Baba took a quick trip to the meat market near our apartment and bought a Kg of lamb. Mamma prepped for lamb chops and lamb curry. I ate strawberries on the front porch.

Team work.

Ate a heavy Koli-Style lunch in Dubrovnik and got ready to explore the city one last time.

It was particularly hot that day and I was already looking like the piece of toast everybody leaves untouched at breakfast buffets. So with close introspection and the lil knowledge of science I have, I picked my favourite white linen jumpsuit.

All the ‘Black absorbs- white reflects’ BS was making complete sense to me.

Picked up our bags, locked the apartment and started walking towards our bus stop.

The bus was crowded but we are from Mumbai.

Got off at our stop and started walking. We’ve walked so much on our trip.

Walking’s great. Helps with digestion.

Old town Dubrovnik is gorgeous. It’s a fairytale bound safely inside the 2km long city walls. Looks like a dream. Feels like one when you walk through the narrow cobbled streets.

We had walked through old town the day before so we decided to go see the rocky beach front on the southern end. The walk from the north end of town to the south was a total of 7 minutes.

The day was getting hotter so we decided to get ourselves a cone of ice-cream each.

Maa got raspberry and I got Nutella.


Walked our way to the docks. There were a bunch of small boats and salesmen screaming at us with offers to ride the boats. Chose a stall randomly and got us 3 tickets to the boat that takes a panoramic ride of the entire island in 60 minutes.

60 minutes.


An hour of staring at the clear waters.

An hour of chilling in a boat with a glass bottom and staring at all the fascinating marine life.

An hour of clicking the best pictures to bomb my Instagram feed.

One whole hour.


Got on the boat.

There were two more families with us on the tour. Everyone exchanged smiles. One of them was Indian and they recognised me.

Yay. I am international now!

Meeting fellow Indians in foreign lands is a whole new experience. You really step on the gas with patriotism in such situations.

I have always loved boat rides. I remember mamma baba taking me to TalavPali, a lake close to my childhood home, every weekend for boat rides and candy floss.

And there we were again, several years later, in a boat. One happy family.

What do you call the guy who drives a boat? Who cares.

The boat driver got on board and started the engine.

Three.. two… one.

And we were at sea.

The coast kept getting tinier as the boat shuddered its way away from it.

Everyone was all smiles. Ahh what a jolly ride.

We were about 4 minutes into the boat ride when it first happened.

I looked down at my tummy and whispered, “Not now.”

I trust my understanding with my body. We’re good.

Went back to staring at the sea.

And then it happened again. This time slightly scarier than before.

I clenched all that can be clenched and kept staring.

And then it happened again.

This time the pang was hard enough to knock me out for a couple seconds. Came back to my senses only to be welcomed by another hard hit in my lower abdomen.

Kept pacifying myself.

Kept staring at the sea that looked so average all of a sudden.

Its okay.

We good.

God loves you.

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke cha…

I am wearing a white jumpsuit.


Maa and baba kept observing my lil performance from a distance.

“You good?”

Yes. Don’t worry.

“Do you need to…?”

I said I am good, Maa.


Somehow I was convinced that I needed distractions so I kept moving seats on the boat.

I am known for making bad decisions in desperate situations.

Please note: Do NOT move when you are in a sticky tummy situation. Movement circulates blood and increases pressure.


The sea looked so ugly now.

Water so blue, I could see my face in it. Clinging on to dear life. Staring at my reputation, which was hanging by a thread. Along with last night’s dinner.

“You are making that face. Do you have to?”




“But how? We are in a boa…”


There was a 3 second silence before my parents burst into what was the loudest laughter I had heard in my entire effing existence.

Its crazy how your own people turn against you at the time of crisis.

But I was strong. I was gonna pull through.

I just had to sit tight for 50 more minutes.

Should be easy.

Or not.

I was on the verge of having an emotional breakdown when the Indian family next to us thought, ‘Hey, now is a nice time to initiate conversation with this YouTube star who is known to 2 Million people back home.’

“My daughter is a huge fan!”

Thanks, aunty. Tell her I said Hi.

“Should we get a picture together? For memories?”

Sure. I don’t see why not.

Baba generously offered to click.


My job has never felt like hard work till about that moment.

False are all the prayers made at temples and examination halls.

Ask someone stuck in a boat in the middle of an ocean for an hour with an upset stomach praying for everything to stay where it is!

The clock has never ticked slower.

I was beginning to get dizzy. My stomach was a gas chamber and explosions were happening at regular intervals.

The shore and the sea became blurry.

Whoever invented Massaging Toilet Seats must have spent an hour on this boat. The boat-shudders were hitting the right spot. EVERYTIME.

Why can’t Boat makers put tiny toilets on board?

Should I ask everyone to shut their eyes so I can free myself from all this torture in the ocean?

Should I ask the boat driver to dock on hell’s gate because there is no way I am getting through this alive.

20 more minutes.

My parents put no effort in hiding their clear amusement.

Instead, baba clicked this picture of me.


You could laugh now. But just think about that one time you wanted to go so bad but life had other plans.

God had mercy and we could finally see the coast.

I started prepping for my marathon treasure hunt.

“The coast isn’t even close yet. Stop standing at the tip of the boat. Come back. Sit. Look how pretty this view is.”


If you are thinking about what everyone else on the boat was thinking of my lil adventure?

Who cares!

Important lesson learnt.

Not the easiest way though.

The guy took forever to dock. Ugh. Wasn’t this his everyday job?

Inefficiency is the cancer of the working class.

I have the weakest eyes but did I spot the restaurant washroom from 1200 kilometres away or WHAT!

The slowest boat driver in the world finally docked the boat and I flew out of it and dashed to the restaurant.

Knowing how down my luck was on the day, I was prepared for the worst. And worst was what life gave me.

The ladies washroom was a single stall room which was occupied. I counted to 3 and dashed into the men’s room.

There were two clueless but very attractive men peeing and an empty stall in there.

Its a new country, they don’t speak the language, they don’t know me. I dashed to the stall and locked it.

Good Job Prajakta! I could feel the storm approaching but I had it covered. I was good on time. Until I realised I am wearing a JUMPSUIT.


The outfit invented to make you sit butt naked on the toilet seat. And also came with the worst zippers.

The zipper and I got into a heated argument. Which unfortunately didn’t last long.

Much like my self-respect.

Badaboom Dhissh.

I was quite young then though.

I was 24.

Not anymore.

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me.



  1. Nishtha Singh

    It was hilarious , you are just an inspiration you fill me up with such a positive energy and enthusiasm . Loved it😁😁

  2. bcmn 1234

    You write really well prajakta. Please please please do write more blogs. Looking forward to more articles. ..I love you more as a writer now 💜. #lovelove

  3. Surashree Goswami

    Loved your story😂 Whenever we think we have grown old and mature enough, life happens with a tight slap !

  4. Munpi

    Haha. Something similar happened with me too. We had went to visit batu caves, Malaysia. It had 272 stairs and after climbing almost 200 stairs my stomach started its marathon race. I had to come down and find a restaurant to ease. Then i found one with a distorted toilet, couldnot wait anymore so i was literally pushing the door by one hand while sitting on the toilet. But the relief you get is just out of the world!!

  5. Ankita paul

    I faced the situation so many times.. i don’t know why but my stomach has a bad relation with fort s.. my . I can totally feel you.. and actualy it’s my prds.. and my brother everytime gets so tensed and continuously offers me for pills for gas prblm.. my god the situation is like plz kill me…

  6. Madhusmita kalita

    I loved this one…❤💕 It was hilarious..😂👌
    You are truly an inspiration for youngsters like us.. I love you so much…😙 And also please please do write more blogs … Eagerly waiting for more articles..☺❤


    You brave braaave girl!! For going through and having the ‘stomach’ to share it with the world 😂😂

  8. Sugandh Chetry

    You are my favorite youtuber and now my favorite blogger. It was most amazing and funny at the same moment,josh I laughed coz I was relating to it (sorry though) but yes it was one of those blogs that I would like to read often,never getting bored to it… Much love and huge respect!!

  9. Neha joshi

    It’s all awesome, the way u right its amazing and important thing is it’s not boring, when I start reading it I was curious to know more and more and in that way read the whole article.. 😊❤❤

  10. Shweta

    Ohh my goshh… This was my first blog i ever read……. And damn it was so hilarious…. Like i can feel you….. I had imagine everything you wrote…. From the starting till the end…… You are best…. Keep it up girl💕 #lovelove

  11. ashok kumar sharma

    Your article is very good. You have written very well. Your article is very knowledgeable. You have a lot to learn from your article. You are my inspiration, seeing your blog, I have created my website and I am writing a blog too. https://maibucket.wordpress.com/ This is the site of my blogging, if you like something or if there is any shortage in it. …Thanks

  12. Pratiksha Pokhare

    Omg…. that was such an awesome thing to read…so relateable…I mean not to me but one of my friend…. she’s gonna like this on soooo much

  13. Ankush

    Hello hello …. In such situations, “chupke se thoda saliva apne navel pe lagaooo”…. it will definitely work…👍🏻😅

  14. Pratiksha

    First as a comedian and now as a writer you won all my heart prajakta dii..
    Everytime jb aapke ol aane pe mere phone ki ghanti bji ya to mind fresh hua ya to inspire hua…
    I just love you the way you are…!!
    Please remain the same
    And i loved your article
    thiiiiisssssssssssssss much😘😘
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  15. Gayatri Holkar

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    The coolest adventure of all time😂😂
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    I believe that you should have such awkward situations.. that’s why you remember these moments the most other than the whole trip…

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    Ukw i have that in me that whatever is written if its actually real i can feel it sitting anywhere and i felt that in your case many a times mere saath bhi hua hai esa ofcourse my excitement level was going up as i was reading the page down and wow mere sher mere cheeteh u did what u should have i bursted into laughing it lasted for 15mins mostly i loved the picture and the blog keep writing keep shooting
    mucchhh loveee
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  18. Diksha Soin

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  19. Soumya

    Don’t mind, I was literally imagining watevr u said. 😂😂😂
    Trust me, even last weekend wen I went to watch veere di wedding, I wore costliest n dapper, Bollywood kinda blue jumpsuit I had, after watching, my sis we’ll go checkout clothes in some branded store. Suddenly I felt like there’s LITERALLY Rat inside my stomach, I somehow found empty washroom in girl’s washroom FYI but to my fate, there were no tissues. I got so panicked n scared. Not coz of wat ppl wil say After seeing me but coz first time after months of purchasing that jumsuit, I wore it outside n I’m gonna make it wet n I can’t walk normally as diva-ish as I wanted. Royal Blue itself have so much royalty. I called my sis, I made her check my bag in n out if she found any tissues. Thankfully she got it. My dress was classy as possible.

  20. Vivek Menon

    Haha!!!!! Prajaktha Didi, the same think happens to every one at least once in their life time.I just wanna say hats-off to that pic your papa clicked.Well we could really see the ‘MOSTLY PAIN” Prajaktha in that pic………That showed your another face and guesss what? Your mom seems to be enjoying the whole scene around by laughing!!!LOL!! That was amazing!!!!

  21. Sohini Dutta

    Omg, i am soo relating to this 😂😂. I was in a similar situation once, and it’s the worst feeling ever.
    Hi, prajakta di, i am HUGE fan. You and your videos are just amazing 😍😍
    Love all the way from Kolkata ❤️❤️

  22. Tirtha Bakshi

    Omg Prajakta! I could totally imagine you in this whole scenario! I know how difficult this situation is… I have experienced the same while I was stuck in a ropeway! Thousands of feet above the ground!

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    😂 Oh God!!
    The same happened with me yesterday.
    I woke up late. I went to my mumma’s office for some urgent work which was to be done yesterday anyhow.
    I was sitting quietly, checking my feed and suddenly this shit happened 😂 . The worst part was that the washrooms were already occupied by some. And luckly I found that one, in the corner,where spiders were hanging and dancing.😂 Trust me, I was scared.🙏
    So yeah. This is like the worst thing. And and, happens only when you wake up late and you don’t get time to go to a washroom. 😂😂😂😂

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